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Wall Street Guests Arrives at Longjitaihe for Visit and Exchange

On September 26th, a delegation led by American friends Mr. Jon David Willingham, secretary of the Kennedy family, and Dr Brian Altenburg and Mr. Dipak Jogia, founders of Wall Street's top-class investment and asset management firm Highmore, arrived at Longjitaihe for a goodwill visit. They were accompanied by Longjitaihe General Consultant Yan Ruili, Longjitaihe Vice President Yan Chuanchuan and related leaders.

After visiting the Hegu Science & Technology Industry Park in Zhuozhou City, the Exhibition Hall of the Group's Culture, the Exhibition Hall of the Lightway Company's Intelligent Energy, Roof Power Station, Production Shop, Mayluc Manor and other projects, and gaining a deep understanding of the Longjitaihe Group's development process, industrial structure and future planning, the guest spoke highly of Longjitaihe's development achievements. In particular, when visiting the production shop of the Lightway Company, Mr. Willingham said sincerely, “I have been to many silicon chip production shops in America, Australia and Japan, but the production environment standard here is the highest!”

Next, Longjitaihe Group Chairman Mr. Wei Shaojun led his team and the guests from Wall Street to the meeting room on the third floor for a meeting. The Wall Street guests gave full recognition to Longjitaihe's 'Harmony' culture and emphasized that they can find both sides of the value basement of 'putting people first' on that basis, which will also become the key basement and value consensus for further cooperation. Next, the Wall Street guests introduced their team and businesses to Chairman Wei Shaojun, pointing out that they will provide the Longjitaihe Group with asset management and overseas customer group expansion services, and expressing the intention to engage in long-term investment cooperation with Longjitaihe.

Chairman Wei Shaojun pointed out that the Longjitaihe Group will further expand its overseas businesses, strive to make Longjitaihe a world-class enterprise and improve its risk resistance capacity. At the concrete operational level, it will highly promote its international investment and finance business, which is the Group's strategic arrangement and also an urgent matter for Longjitaihe's rapid integration with international markets, spreading investment risks, expanding the development platform of the enterprise, broadening the horizons of the enterprise and giving Longjitaihe access to a broader market.

This visit of guests from Wall Street is the starting point for Longjitaihe to accelerate the 'going global' process. While quickening the steps of 'Being deeply rooted in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and looking forward to the whole country', Longjitaihe will also grasp the development trend, expand its international business, step into the international market and open up a new world for the future of the Group.